Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Beach Bombing

I'm a little early for the International Yarn Bombing Day, which is set for June 11, 2012, but I just couldn't resist because the weather was so nice. We don't get all that many really sunny days here. When we do, though, it really reminds me just how beautiful it is.

I'd been eyeing the four big trees in front, which are bare of branches half way up. They are calling out for some big crocheted spide webs or something that I'd like to string between them. Since I don't have enough time to make something that big, I thought I'd start small and just play around down on the beach.
I started out by making a swatch using a shell stitch (seems appropriate for the beach, don't you think?) and then attaching the piece to the branch stubs of an old beach log. I used a scratchy wool yarn so it would biodegrade over time.

When I got done, those branch nubs seemed like they needed more, so then I worked some chain stitches between two of them. But, it looked kind of boring, so I made a circular flowery, spider webby shape and crocheted it onto the chain stitch structure.  
Because it was still too nice out to go home and because I was really enjoying doing art outside, I started making a flower vine. I crocheted a flower and then made some chain stitches and then crocheted another flower until it was the length I wanted. I then wound it around one of the branch nubs and then added some more crochet chains and a couple more flowers.
By then, it was time to go home. Now, the next day, I'm thinking about other things I can crochet down on the beach. There's the trail to the beach to decorate, all that driftwood just lying around, all those big granite rocks that could use some doilies on top...